Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Fragrances and Apples

I have been donning a Cheshire cat avatar for last two days. The weather in the city is just  perfect for outings and now that the semi-annual sale season has kicked off, I had  the perfect excuse to paint the town red. Who needs an excuse, anyway?!! I had been literally living at the malls all this weekend and cannot help boast how fabulous are the discount deals I got! I raided the Baggit store and bought 4 bags which merits a dedicated post later, picked up some stuff from Mango, only sniffed stuff at Nine West & Aldo (:P) and hauled a Nina Ricci assortment which is a winner hands down :) 
Trust me I am trying to curtail my shopaholic streak and consciously avoid hoarding unwanted stuff but sometimes my weakness for freebies makes me fidgety and I give in…I’m only Human!! Frangrance was not on my shopping list(not that I go with one all the time!) but a whiff of freshness made me spend 2 min extra at a Nina Ricci kiosk in the mall and that was time enough for me to get lured. No doubt Nina Ricci’s universe shells out stellar products all the time and I’m a big fan of her fragrances, but this time around more than the scent, it was the freebies that stole the show.

With my purchase of ‘Ricci Ricci’, came this amazing assortment of scents and a charm that left me totally in jitters. Saying no would have been downright stupid! The freebies included a non-descript 50 ml fragrance for daily use, two pocket scents (Premium Jour & L’Elixir), a miniature dab-on of their new fragrance L’elixir in an apple-shaped bottle and an apple-shaped charm which can be used as a pendant as well. Now isn’t it irresistible?!!!
The complete freebie assortment
L'Elixir miniature
Apple charm-pendant
The apple is a part of their new campaign for L’Elixir…apparently implying the forbibben fruit in Eden. Sinful indulgence,hmmm…..

So wouldn’t you have grabbed this up? 
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