Sunday, October 30, 2011

That Girl in Yellow Shoes

Color Blocking. Hot trend. Nuff said. And if I start writing about how cool the Color Blocking trend is, I’d have to bear the risk of sounding like Flintstone! Bad analogy, I know but hope the message is clear. I’d been a late-riser to this trend. Not that I follow all trends as soon as they hit the runaway but at least I consciously ‘try to try’ the ones that I fancy.Color blocking had been on my mind but I walked the extra mile in trying it when I bought myself a pair of yellow shoes.
These yellow shoes (aren’t these cute??) fit so snugly on my feet that I instantly fell in love with them and these have been my savior this monsoon season. Yep, they r waterproof! So I’d been wearing them a LOT (hope they last another season:-S) and they’ve travelled far in a short span. I recently holidayed in Kerala and they proved to be great traveling partners as well :)

So these yellow charmers inspired me to try a color block look and I made a few modest attempts and here’s one of those which I found somewhat worthy of finding a room on this blog. Using the bottom up approach (shoes upwards),I teamed them with a cobalt blue shirt from Chemistry and basic blue jeans and accessorized with an oversized bag (in another shade of blue, totally by chance!)
Shirt: Chemistry; Jeans:Levi's; Shoes:Catwalk; Bag:Baggit
Whatever might be lacking in my color blocked outfit, the surroundings made up for it. What say??? :)

Thumbs up or Thumbs down??? Let me know…

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Monday, October 10, 2011

And I'm Back!!!

Hello girls! Have u been missing me?? Puhleeez say u did (even if u didn’t!). I had been extremely busy for the last couple of months that was keeping me MIA…business travel, role change and harrowing work load didn’t leave me with any time for blogging. Now that I’ve got a breather owing to a few public holidays (I love India for its religious sentiments ;)), I’m hauling myself from my dormant state to active blogging. I’m sure I’ve got loads to catch up on your blogs and I’ll do that very soon…

Some travel stories, snapshots from the wedding shoots and ample food for the fashionista soul coming up soon...Stay close, lovelies ! :)
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