Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award!

This morning started on a good note. Monday morning blues transformed into vibrant hues by looking at my inbox. Bhumika of New Love was has passed on the 'One Lovely Blog Award' to me (my very first!) and it feels great. Thanks a lot, Bhumika!

I understand that like all other awards, this too comes with some rules. The rules of this award are to accept it, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link, and then pass the award to 7 or more blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are "One Lovely Blog"!

I haven't been discovering many new blogs recently but this gave me an opportunity to do some serious blog surfing to come up a list of 7 blogs that I regularly or occsasionally read but feel are worthy of this award.

Here's my pick (in no particular order) :

My Weekend Ramblings
Vintage Obsession
All Womens Talk
For the love of fashion and other things
Peaches and Blush

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get trendy with Jeggings

I was very fond of my skinny jeans in my early college days. They were a big rage back then but as time progressed, the skinnies made way for the bootcuts and flares and while my wardrobe was being revamped with the flared and low-rise variety, my skinny jeans met its fate as a capri, then shorts and then hot pants and finally as wax strips before ending up in the dustbin laden with oodles of hot wax!!!

Fashion being cyclical, few years on, the flares lost their flair and a similar treatment was deliberated to them. Though they served well in ways more than one – compliment the tank tops better, hide the belly jelly and make definitely superior wax strips, in hindsight I shudder to think how on earth did I wore those embroidered nirvana jeans with flair (and flare ofcourse!) What goes around, comes around, they say and it holds true for fashion in equal measure. As a natural progression, the extra piece of clothing swaying at the bottom had to lose itself and transform into a leaner and trimmer cousin – the straight fit. Gradually, as size zero went on to become a obsession from a mere trend, it inspired the denims for a similar metamorphosis.

I am not a fashion victim but I do, consciously try to ‘follow’ fashion so grabbing a latest pair of skinny Levi’s Diva jeans was both a choice and a need. If you care for my opinion, I’d say it is worth every penny you put in – these are extremely comfortable, exceptionally stylish and uber-chic.

Photo : Inky Pinky
 Crystals and diamante adorning the fabric is clearly a glamorous option for buttons and rivets and the embellishment is done quite aesthetically to make it appear least garish. It’s designed to bring out the Diva in you and the silver sequined letter ‘D’ is your passport to flaunt it too!

As I sat basking in the glory of my newly acquired Diva status, the skinny jeans were apparently working overtime to transform themselves into their anorexic cousin this time around – the Jeggings. Touted as the next big thing in fashion, Jeggings are extremely skinny jeans that are styled to look like leggings. Jeggings are slated to become a fashion staple ‘cuz they are much more comfortable that the skinny jeans and offer a more modest and stylish alternative to wearing leggings as pants. However, jeggings is not a style for everyone as they they give wearers no room to hide :D

Jeggings are available at all Max stores and Lifestyle outlets across India. So while I chalk out my plan to burn that muffin top off my waist before embracing the jeggings, you go take a look at the collection in your nearest store and join me in the calorie burning endeavor. Let’s build a lean nation! ;)

P.S. For styling tips on leggings, click here
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

High on Design

I could not say no and succumbed to the charm…Before your mind starts getting ideas, let me clear the air. The ‘item’ in question is my latest buy – a chic Hidesign bucket tote bag. A Hidesign bag has always occupied the top slots of my must-haves list and owning an iconic bag had moved my style quotient up by several notches. I have bought Warhol 02 – Hidesign’s ‘IT’ bag and a best seller ,as the makers put it!Over the years, Hidesign’s USP has been the sensuous naturalness of its high quality leathers and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fittings and my proud possession exudes every bit of it.

I was intrigued to see Puducherry written on the tag (thanks to my growing inquisitiveness about brands and attention to detail ever since Pink Diaries took shape :)) and that was enough for my blogger alter ego to get kicking. A quick google search and a languid perusal of some glossy magazines threw up interesting facts about the brand and its success story which is the stuff legends are made up of!!

This luxury brand, indeed, has its roots in the sleepy town of Pondicherry. What started as a hobby of leather crafting in the workshops of Auroville, boasts of being an internationally acclaimed brand. It features leather handbags, garments, briefcases, travel bags, wallets and belts made of genuine leather. Three decades old and still going strong, the brand has its presence in 23 countries in over 2000 outlets collectively in India and abroad. The retailing, however, started with Britain and Australia in 70s and India developed into a potential market only in late 90s. The phenomenal change in consumer landscape in India in the past decade has contributed to the brand gaining immense recognition and ushering it in the ‘affordable luxury’ segment. Interestingly, it was primarily seen as a men’s briefcase brand, but gradually its elegant shoes and handbags for women have taken on the brand. With the modern Indian woman making smarter choices for herself, the dart has evidently hit the bulls eye!

I ponder what is that one thing that appeals me so much about Hidesign. Is it the contemporary styling or clean silhouettes or competitive pricing? I find it hard to put a finger on any one of these. An obvious choice for me would be all of the above. Like all other women-on-the-move, I too rarely have the time and patience to change my bags frequently so what I look for in a bag is functionality, style and durability. A Hidesign bag fits the bill completely and that too without burning a huge hole in my pocket: P

The makers have stayed focused on their strong heritage of fine hand craftsmanship and innovation in age-old practices of vegetable tanning with natural materials like seeds and barks and sand casting for their brass hardware. The ecological use of vegetable tanning creates fashionable leathers in multitude of hides & hues that age exceptionally well and sand-casted solid brass fittings provide a soft glow to the leather, giving it a distinct look. They strongly believe that the way to the best leather is still the natural way and this belief clearly gives them the competitive edge.

Coming back to the iconic range, the brand has an array of classic bags that remain the best sellers and exhibit the brand’s core attributes - being clean, sharp, practical, contemporary and elegant. The bags that have become signature pieces in the recent years are the Virgin, Logo and Warhol 02.
Pic Courtesy: www.hidesign.com

The Virgin Bag is the biggest rage currently. Its a petite purse-like carrier that comes in many colours and is embossed with elephant prints. A variant of the original Virgin bag, the Baby Virgin, is equally popular. The bold textured vegetable tanned leather and hand stitched craftsmanship makes this shoulder bag for day wear stand out from the rest.

Logo is the latest icon bag in vegetable tanned crocodile grain embossed leather with exclusive logo handle detail. It’s a medium sized tote bag for day occasions.

Warhol 02, the new ‘IT’ bag, is a bucket tote bag made in vegetable tanned faux crocodile leathers. This medium sized tote bag is also ideal for day wear.

As I sit mulling over what would be a better investment between Virgin and Logo after Warhol02, my attention is drawn to trendspotting segment in a fashion magazine that illustrates the new prospective icons on the block – Mughetto 02 ,Fiori 02 and Queen 01. Hmmm…tough call! Looks like my research on LV, Ferragamo & Bottega Veneta will have to wait. Ladies, keep watching this space for more …
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