Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gift of Time

The announcement of a blogging contest at Indus Ladies has got my creative juices flowing. Its been a long time since I wrote a commissioned post and this seems like the perfect opportunity. The contest is a prelude to the International Women’s Day celebration and therefore, centers on women. The topic is ‘A perspective on roles of Indian Women’ and this post is my entry for the contest. I tag TanviChandni and Ritu to participate in the contest.
I love Saturdays. Well, who doesn’t! But my reasons for loving Saturdays might differ from yours. I love them for a very simple reason that my husband is at work on Saturdays and I get the ME time I so look forward to the whole week. Don’t get me wrong here – I looove spending time with him and family too (whenever they are around) but there’s a greater person that itches for a fair amount of undivided attention – That’s Me!
I won’t call it self-love (though I admit I’m quite vain! :P) but I love spending time with myself for a simple reason that ‘Me-Time’ is liberating, exhilarating and peaceful all at one. Spending quality time with myself has always been therapeutic for me. Making activity almost irrelevant does that trick. I could spend that time doing anything from curling up in bed with a book or flipping through my favorite channels or facebooking endlessly to pampering myself in a spa or indulging in retail therapy without having to care much of the responsibilities that awaits me when the Me-time ends.Over time, it has become my quick fix for an instant rejuvenation.

And its heartening to know that it isn’t just me. I find more and more women appealed by this idea of Me-time. Women today, Indian Women to be particular, do realize (and definitely should!) that there is something beyond the labels that the world has metaphorically pinned upon their torso - homemaker, nurturer, mother, daughter-in-law and wife. Each responsibility, of course, constantly entails being a constant physical presence in the lives of others. Not many of us can look beyond these responsibilities even for a fraction of time without feeling guilty or selfish. 
My two cents to all the women reading this and on the brink of getting convinced of Me-time – your spending time with yourself is not being self-centred, it's self care! Irrespective of what role you play in life, care for yourself first so that you care for others better. There’s something magical, fun and empowering about spending time with oneself. You will always return with a renewed sense of gratitude for what awaits you. Discover yourself. Let your hair down. Turn up the volume. Croon louder. Laugh harder. Nobody will sue you for that!!! :)

Happy Women’s Day and a toast to your new-found freedom!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fresh Lilies

Lilies are on my mind lately. No, I’m not getting hint-y about my gifts of choice this Valentine. Flowers aren’t figuring high on my wish-list this time around. I mean they are always nice-to-have and place the right accents on the right occasions, but don’t we have remaining 364 days to celebrate love through flowers. I’d say, “Bring on a solitaire, honey!” :D

Oh, I totally digressed from the point! Let’s get back to the lilies. Starting this month, I am going to introduce a new section on Pink Diaries where, to begin with, I will feature ladies (fellow bloggers included!) whom I know from close quarters for their out-of-the-ordinary work and notable achievements. Lady, I pronounce thee Limelight Lady – LILY for short.

Kickstarting this LILY series is my dearest friend Shweta alias Mili whom I have mentioned on my blog a couple of times already. She was an obvious choice for me choosing to place her in the spotlight owing to our looong association and a common bond of love for photography. She has been my inspiration for going behind the lens and continues to inspire me every single day.

Shweta is a budding photographer who shun her cushy IT job to pursue her passion. She can create magic with her camera and her forte is lifestyle photography. She runs her own photography business under the name ‘The Creative Lens’. Quite a stunner herself, this yummy mummy can send the temperature soaring when she puts her best foot forward fashionably and how!

Here are some of her drool-worthy shots:

N.B. All the images are copyrighted and I have obtained permission for publishing them.

She is currently based out of Switzerland and will be in India this summer. So in case her work has caught your fancy, check out her website ( and drop in a line. U can mention my name for a blogger friend discount ;)

Wish this LILY a blooming future and freshness forever !

P.S. Let me know what do u think of my new section.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

KISS : Keep it Short & Simple!

Although I'm truly madly deeply in Valentines mood, I don't intend to freak you out with overtones of PDA. The title is solely meant for my recent Goa trip (about which u read here).Packing for a beach vacation is always eeeasyy. Just throw in ur skimpiest outfits and a pair of flip-flops and you are sorted. And just in case u want to add panache to those formal dinners which are quite likely to come your way, pack in a LBD and a set of killer heels. Disclaimer: This is usually my idea of packing for beach vacays and are subjected to change as and when the situation demands :P

Traveling light is more of a misnomer for this trip. Though I adhered to my packing guidelines, it wasn’t light by any means. Driving down in your own car gives you all the room in the world to carry your household. Well, sorta! I didn’t plan in advance what all I intended to wear but I tucked in outfits with special attention to the hemlines and coverage and ensured that I don’t run out of choices.

After all, Goa is one place where every one dares to bare unapologetically. Even with a spaghetti top and a capri , I felt like the most clothed in female in the whole of Goa. Fine, I’m exaggerating it a wee bit more here but my feelings were somewhere close to that. So I jumped at this opportunity to show off my freshly waxed arms and legs. The excess baggage that I carried along came handy in my modest skin show.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the trip:

Attitude?? SO !!!
Top- Marks & Spensers ; Shorts- MTV Accesories ; Bag - No Dimensions(bought online) ;
Accesories - Bandra ; Ballet Flats - Bata

Dress- AND ; Accesories - Peora ; Sunglasses-Fastrack

Top - Jealous ; Hot Pants - Globus; Bag - Bangles(store in a B'lore mall); Flip-flops - Hypercity;
Accesories -AVON ; Stole- Bombay Stores
Jumpsuit - Bargain buy from Goa flea market; Spaghetti - Thrift ; Accesories - Forgotten !!! :D
I just cudn't resist the temptation of wearing it !

So how did u find these? Which one did u like best ?If at all :D
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