Friday, April 9, 2010

The fat lady has sung...

It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings, they say. I’m not talking about the colloquialism here, rather the literal meaning of the proverb. Well, I’m hinting at the real life grand opera that had been running on media for the past few days – the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha saga, that had the whole nation (2 nations, to be precise!) hooked and salivating for more. Indeed, the fat lady (no offense meant to Ayesha Siddiqui) is the one who has finally brought this opera to an end with her singing and is, apparently, laughing her way to the bank with whopping 15 crores in her kitty.

I’m not being judgemental about anyone out there. The truth is best known to the parties involved and the voyeurs will be left scratching the surface to unearth just the half-baked lies. But I will mince no words in voicing out my opinion that the real loser in this game has been Ms. Mirza! The only things she gained out of this are bad press, an opportunist husband and Biwi No. 2 tag!!!

She is a national icon and should have dealt with it more maturely, rather than giggling along with her hubby-to-be on national TV as he went on lying through his teeth. Now he is eating his words and the hopelessly-in-love bride is looking for avenues to avoid media glare on the issue. Maybe one of those occasions when you feel this is the hefty price a celebrity like you has to pay for the public adulation.

Never mind, the storm is over now. The fat lady has brought the curtains down for ushering the artists of the next drama titled ‘The big fat Mirza wedding’. I can just wish them a 'pinklicious' series ahead! :)
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When u shop, the world gets better...

Last night I watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' for the nth time and fell in love with the movie all over again. Isla Fisher delivers a remarkable performance as a compulsive shopper who finds herself in a vicious circle of shopping & credit card debts. She is neck-deep in debt due to her shopping obsession and then to come out of the distress caused by this, she shops more, for she believes “When u shop, the world gets better & better”!

Doesn’t that sound like your own story? At least, it does sound a wee bit like mine, though not in the same proportions. Shopping is my dope too. The four-lettered word ‘SALE’ has a hypnotic effect on me. It is just an excuse for stocking up more goodies. That doesn’t imply that I do not shop when there are no discounts. Of course I do! My inner voice says that the good stuff is available only at full price and that wont be on display when the sale is on…Then why do I shop during sale?? Well, my inner voice does a volte face then and tells me that it’s a steal at the price I’m paying at the moment and I might bring that item to use later…like that black overcoat I can wear when I go abroad next time or that itsy-bitsy skirt that will look good in my beach vacation pictures or that pink-and-blue muffler that will jazz up my outfits when I’ll be in a snowy location or those killer stilettos I can wear when I go clubbing next (c’mon I don’t want to repeat my party shoes !) The list is endless …and so are my excuses. My wardrobe is on the verge of bursting at seams but my shopahol hangover refuses to get over easily.

As soon as my paychecks come in, my credit card payment cheques depart. Occasionally, I swipe my credit card for cheap thrills like reward points which I can redeem for gift vouchers and shop again! Each time I resolve not to fall in this trap but my shopper alter ego tricks me into it every single time. After all, like the protagonist in the movie, Becky Bloomwood a.k.a the girl in the green scarf puts it. ‘When u shop, the world gets better & better’! Sigh!!

My refraining ego & my shopaholic alter ego constantly engage in a war of words every time I cross a fancy shop but from the reverberating thoughts in my subconscious mind, the Girl-in-the-Green-Scarf comes forth to whisper gently in the ears of the Girl-with-a-Pink-Diary ‘Indulge in shopping but do it responsibly’!!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

I have earned my 'BRUJIN' today !!!

Last month iDiva was running a contest to celebrate Women's Day and I happened to be one of the lucky winners! If these chocolates can look so tempting in pictures, I can't stop dreaming how heavenly they would taste when I lay my hands on 'em !!!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey Woman, Stay Girl!

Do ladies wear pink ‘cuz its girly or its girly ‘cuz ladies wear it?? Another chicken-or-the-egg question but who cares! Pink is such a fabulous color that instantly increases your face value and symbolizes everything happy & gay (No pun intended! : p). Pink commands a cheerful connotation in our daily lives with the exception of umm..err.. the dreaded ‘pink slip’. Be it a fuchsia, magenta or coral, each hue of pink is so lively & exciting and therefore, so apt to be branded as girly!

When I thought of creating this blog dedicated to pink topics (read girly), an idea that surprisingly came from the think tank of a non-pink gender (read guy – in this case, my significant other) , little did I know that the internet is already inundated with content on pink. So this will not be another run-of-the-mill blog on feminine topics, rather an interactive forum for matters close to a girl’s heart..about stuff that will tickle u pink !!! :)

Pink color is also symbolic of desire for the more carefree days of childhood for the overworked and stressed-out women, so dear ladies, lets freeze the time in the pink age of our lives…think pink and stay girl!!!
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