Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey Woman, Stay Girl!

Do ladies wear pink ‘cuz its girly or its girly ‘cuz ladies wear it?? Another chicken-or-the-egg question but who cares! Pink is such a fabulous color that instantly increases your face value and symbolizes everything happy & gay (No pun intended! : p). Pink commands a cheerful connotation in our daily lives with the exception of umm..err.. the dreaded ‘pink slip’. Be it a fuchsia, magenta or coral, each hue of pink is so lively & exciting and therefore, so apt to be branded as girly!

When I thought of creating this blog dedicated to pink topics (read girly), an idea that surprisingly came from the think tank of a non-pink gender (read guy – in this case, my significant other) , little did I know that the internet is already inundated with content on pink. So this will not be another run-of-the-mill blog on feminine topics, rather an interactive forum for matters close to a girl’s heart..about stuff that will tickle u pink !!! :)

Pink color is also symbolic of desire for the more carefree days of childhood for the overworked and stressed-out women, so dear ladies, lets freeze the time in the pink age of our lives…think pink and stay girl!!!


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