Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monsoons,memories & me...

Happy days are here again!With the first sporadic monsoon showers wetting the spirit of the scorched city, my heart sings a poem of joy and my soul stirs with stanch-less excitement. As I sit with a piping hot cup of morning tea and vibrant supplements of sunday newspaper for company, the jingle of the rain drops makes me go tappy-toppy and takes me down the memory lane …I rummage through my closet and fish out my priceless possession since childhood – my diary which was the treasure chest of all my creative outpourings. The footnote against a diary (not a pink one back then : D) entry of an article I wrote for a teens’ mag on the same subject reads June, 1996. OMG, 14 years have passed!!! It feels just like yesterday. Sigh!

The last 14 years of my life just flashbacked infront of my eyes and I can’t help being amazed at how my life has changed in all these years. It’s a feeling of bitter-sweet emotions…So much yet so less has changed. From a fresher stepping out of school to a responsible adult, I’ve definitely come a long way:)

That leaves me wondering – did my life shape up the way I had dreamt? Well, the answer to that is partly yes, partly no. Do I have any regrets? Nah! I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs and won’t deny that the things which didn’t turn out my way left me in the dumps at times. But what the heck! Isn’t that what life is all about. If life was so predictable, it would have been like drawing a route on google maps! To me, life is all about the choices u make…some good,some bad. But u’ve got nothing to lose with the bad ones either.If they ain’t fulfilling, they are good learning instruments atleast :)

Life’s too short to brood over the mess…just make the most of each moment.Live life as there’s no tomorrow. Let your hair down. Dance till you drop dead. Croon at the top of your voice. Smile a little harder, cry a little less. Take out time to watch the sunset. Go for long drives. Hold hands with your partner. Get wet in the rain. In our busy lives, how often do we acknowledge the joy in such subtle yet so meaningful gestures. These rain drops come as a blessing from the realm above as a reminder for all that’s ‘pink’ in life. Time for me too to soak up its riches as Pink Diaries leave you with this food for thought…


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