Friday, May 14, 2010

Oops,she did it again!

Some people have a knack of committing the same mistakes again and again and our Mrs. ARB is one of them..Tuning it to FM this morning on my way to work, I heard some caustic words of criticism being slapped on her for her appearance at Cannes this year. Curiosity got the better of me and the first thing I did on reaching office (friday being a lean day for a change!) was to google her image at Cannes 2010. It nearly broke my heart to see how a dash of extra effort to stand out can make u literally stand OUT! A buffon hairdo?Umm..I'm trying to sound polite..the guy on the airwaves was calling it a beehive!! I'm not too sure whether I like her look or not but with a face that can launch a thousand ships and a bod to die for, she could have done much better.

Poor lady has received flak from the designers and media for her bad dress sense on and off the red carpet. I guess it's the social pressure to look the most beautiful woman in the world eternally that are responsible for her choices ..some brilliant, some poor and some simply outlandlish!

But fret not,lady! U continue to be the reigning glam queen (and faux pas at the same time, too!)..Better luck next time at Cannes and hope u'll not make us break into the song "There she goes, there she goes again .." Teehee :D


minni on July 29, 2010 at 7:52 PM said...

God has made her so beautiful that she does not need EXTRA efforts to mark an irresistible appearance....YET the desire to match HOLLYWOOD personalities is what I believe made her crashing into that designer outfit.As if that was not good enough, she got a complimentary hairdo above that.
I am really unable to understand why we people fail to realize the meaning of "Simple living and high thinking".Letz hope next year we'll find a better ARB at Cannes.

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